Champs vs. Champs…over Ice

Who would image the day would come when champagne would be made to drink over ice? How do the champagne Gods in France feel about this? I wasn’t a believer, but decided it was my duty to sip and give it a try. I’ve been seeing Moet & Chandon advertise this summer on social media about their champagne “Ice Imperial” which is to be enjoyed over ice in a cabernet wine glass so I decided to let my fingers to the walking and called Total Wine & More to see if they had Ice Imperial in stock and just any my mouth was in total anticipation of this bubbly treat when they told me it was IN Stock. Yeah Me!
IMG 3726 136x300 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice

The Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial was keep in the locked cold case, for a few reasons, 1st champagne is meant to stay cold and ready for instant consumption (thats my story) and 2nd because it has a hefty price tag in line with it predecessors of approx USD $64. So yeah, they keep that bubbly delight locked up. As the associate was handing this beautiful white, gold and black bottle of champagne to me she said have you ever tried Depréville, a sparkling wine? I said that I never heard of this before and it peaked my interest, I also heard “CHALLENGE” in my head. Depréville to my surprise was a “look-a-like” to the bottle of Moet & Chandon I already had in my cart. Oh, yeah this challenge is definitely on especially since the price point of Depréville is priced at approx USD $15. Did I mention this bottle was also beautifully wrapped in white, gold and black, yes, makes you say hmmm.

If you were not familiar with Moet & Chandon’s branding one could possibly get these bottles mistaken, as a head up for when you head to the store, because I know you will.

IMG 3697 300x225 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
Let the challenge begin, Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial vs. Depréville Demi-Sec

Let the challenge begin.

Round 1 – “The Pour” we have Depréville Demi-Sec on the left and Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial on the right. As a champagne enthusiast there is nothing sweeter than the sound of the pop from a champagne cork being coaxed out of it’s snug home is a bubbly masterpiece of a bottle. But, I digress.

I pour the Ice Imperial first and charmed by it’s golden color as it fills my glass with it’s bubbly nectar. I let it sit and settle itself while I repeat the same with the bottle of Depréville the sparkling wine contender. The same sound and feeling come over me as I coax out the cork from this again beautiful bottle, it almost makes me believe that I am celebrating as the color from both bottles remind me less of summer but more of a celebration. Upon pouring into another wine glass filled 1/2 way with ice I immediately notice the 1st difference, color. The color of the Depréville demo-sec is a pale almost faint color of nectar, BUT it filled the wine glass with the same sparkly /bubbly goodness.

IMG 3739 203x300 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
Depréville light in color, impactful in fruit flavor

IMG 3744 209x300 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice

IMG 3744 209x300 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
Ice Imperial, golden nectar in color and crisp with hints of fruit flavor.

Round 2 – “The Taste”
Ice Imperial was up first. It immediately reminded that I was drinking a glass of Moet, the dry crisp signature flavor of Moet Champagne was the first to attack my taste buds and then a light fruity flavor of mango and peach brought up the rear as the bubbles tickled the rest of my taste buds.

Depréville Demi-Sec was next. My first sip was a sweet almost honey-like lock on my taste buds. My first thought was, does this have alcohol? Yes, it does 11% and it could have fooled me. The fruit flavor in Depréville is more powerful than it’s competitor and taste less like a champagne or sparkling wine. This delight is much lighter and fruiter than it’s champagne powerhouse competitor.

Both of these bubbling beauties have gone two rounds and it’s time to declare a winner…

These are both winners in my book and for different reasons.

If you are budget conscious and looking for a nice light and fruity beverage and want to say you drink champagne or just want to impress your friends on the deck or at the beach on a summer day, with brunch and more importantly you want to be able to purchase more options brought to you by in the future then Depréville Demi-Sec is for you. Now, if you enjoy champagne and looking for an alternative or just trying something new this summer, Sunday brunch or even a girls night Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial is for you.

IMG 3738 186x300 Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
Champagne over ice, which one will you enjoy?

I’m predicting by next summer we will see Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial gracing more tables at brunch and even in clubs and lounges across the country purchased by women that want enjoy and evening out and still be sophisticated and sipping responsibly. I could be wrong, but only time will tell.

Cheers to champagne over ice, remember clink and drink responsibly!


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  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Champs vs. Champs...over Ice
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